Resume of David Nesting

I enjoy problem-solving, figuring out complex systems, diagnosing issues, and writing code and automation to further those goals.


I am a fast learner with excellent diagnostic skills, making me an asset in any troubleshooting position or as an evaluator of new technologies. My background is in programming and operational support of large application infrastructure, including:


Oct 2014-present — Site Reliability Engineer at United States Digital Service (The White House)

I'm working for Mikey Dickerson at re-working how technology is used and and how IT contracting is done in the federal government. This involves learning a tremendous amount about how government functions, the role of technology in government, and identifying and overcoming unique challenges and barriers to the effective use of technology.

I'm actively supporting during Open Enrollment 2015. This is a more direct application of my SRE skills, assessing the readiness and improving the processes and technology used to build out and support a medium-size but incredibly complex, high-priority and high-visibility project operating within the federal government.

I'm also working to build out an effective system of hiring qualified engineers for roles within the government. Existing approaches to hiring technologists fall short of recruiting people qualified to design and build effective systems and government services. We hope to change that.

2007-present — Site Reliability Engineer at Google

I have root at Google. I'm on the team supporting Google's production infrastructure. Half of this involves production support and troubleshooting obscure, interesting problems that only occur at "Google scales". I have direct, primary supervision of "many thousands" of machines and responsibility for keeping our team's services running smoothly on those machines, alongside a batch processing load from thousands of users.

The other half of this role is automation and monitoring. I evaluate our needs in this area and write software and scripting (primarily in Go, Python, C++ and shell) to perform routine tasks automatically, and to identify problems before they have a chance to hurt us.

My work here is focused around user privacy, data security, and SOx compliance and controls.

1998-2007 — Various positions at AT&T (formerly SBC Communications, Inc.)

As a Technical Architect, responsibilities included providing technical guidance and strategy for multiple development teams, developing standards for technologies used by these teams, and acting as a technical consultant and web subject matter expert. Designed and implemented a "large-scale" ("scare quotes" because I had no idea what "large scale" really meant until I started work at Google) distributed LDAP infrastructure for “Single Sign-On” web authentication. Other responsibilities included acting as the organizational representative for fraud and threat management and the technology standards board and a core member of the application server standards committee.

Unofficial side projects included setting up an internal tools server for common web development tasks, a mirror of various Internet repositories, and spearheading efforts to cut through bureaucracy to allow web developers to do their jobs in the face of an oppressive corporate work environment. I was also an early supporter (and author) of internal blogs as a way of sharing information internally in a time where documentation was tightly controlled and never easy to find.

As Sr. Analyst, I provided 24x7 operational support for web and application servers in the capacity of a technical lead. These systems were high-profile and acted as the primary production servers for (and eventually and several major revenue-generating applications. I also provided a lot of automation and scripting, as a Perl subject matter expert.

1996-1998 — Texas Networking, Inc.

Worked the helpdesk, responding to telephone and e-mail support for the Internet Service Provider. Focus turned to public-facing web site development, Perl programming, and producing customer documentation, ultimately producing several Intranet sites and applications for monitoring the health of the ISP's services and performing common helpdesk and maintenance tasks.

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